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Helping veterans and their families make the best of their military experience with post Information and career, scholarship, and education opportunities.

Veteran Resources.

Navigating the resources available to veterans can be confusing. This is especially so given those resources span multiple web sites and organizations (i.e., goverment, industry, and academia).

To provide a bridge to these resources, The Military Post has added a page to capture multiple resources available to veterans. Check back often and new resources are found all the time.

Click Here to visit our Veteran Resources Page


Transition Time.

All good things must come to an end. Military service is no different. Before that day comes, make sure you are visiting us regularly to catch up on those little tidbits that will help ensure a thriving transition that last beyond your active duty years.

One of the greatest things you can do to improve your chances of a successful transition is to read. While we are working to develop such resources on our transition page, here are some books that are readily available on Amazon. So, don't wait, get started today!

Click here to visit our Military Transition Assistance page


Many of us joined the military for different reasons! Some reasons include travel, experience, education, patriotism, and a better life.

The Military Post believes it is important to make the most of your opportunities to broaden your knowledge, experience and education. Hence, we have dedicated a page to helping military and veterans find the right resources for gaining certifications, gaining experience, and completing your education goals.

Click Here to visit our Education and Training page!

Military Gift Ideas.

Active Military have uniques lives filled with deployments, traditions, and culturally diverse experiences. Shopping for military members when seperated by miles and identifying those perfect gifts can be a challenging task.

If only their was a resource that could make identifying those gifts a little easier. Well, your welcome!

Click here to visit our Military Gifts page

Spirit Videos.

For 364 days out of the year, each branch of the military are brothers and sisters in arms. But, on one day each year, they meet on the fields of friendly strife! On this contested soil, the military branches seek to gain bragging rights for the year to come. However, along the way, each branch may ... in some friendly and often highly entertaining taunting!

Our Spirit Videos page help bring these videos to the publics attention.

Click Here to visit our Spirit Video Page


How could this site better serve our active military and veteran community. Let us know!

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